Zero Grid Electronics Travel Organizer – Cord, Cable, and Accessories Case, Black


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Organize Your Cords & Accessories In One Bag

Travel Cord OrganizerTravel Cord Organizer

Why Do Travelers Trust Zero Grid?

At Zero Grid, we believe that travel can change lives. Like most frequent fliers, the pressure of ever-escalating luggage fees from the airlines and security restrictions brought on by the TSA pushed us to cut down on how much we packed on each trip. Our frequent flights to Europe, Asia, and South America moving from planes to cars to trains also made us wary of over-packing.

Less is more: memorable experiences are more important than things.
Durability is important. It’s hard to replace a wallet or travel kit when you’re in a foreign country.
Nothing should be too bulky. Travel gear shouldn’t get in the way.
No traveler should suffer from electronic pickpocketing or identity theft. All wallets should have trustworthy RFID shielding.
Value matters. Our customers should buy with confidence, knowing that the travel accessory will last for years.

We designed the Zero Grid Travel Cord Organizer to keep track of all the cords, SD cards, chargers, and earbuds that our smartphones, laptops, and cameras need to keep running. Leaving a charger behind in your hotel room can introduce some unwelcome drama to an otherwise excellent trip.

Unlike many other travel cases designed for a particular brand of smartphone or laptop, the Zero Grid Travel Electronics Organizer has flexible elastic straps inside and a zipper pouch divider so it can securely store a variety of device types.

When you pack with Zero Grid travel accessories, it’s easier to avoid all the irritation that comes with bringing more than you need with you on your trip. If your goal is to get on the plane with just a carry-on and your personal item, we want to make that easier for you. Cut down on wasted time on the security line and wasted money on baggage fees.

We put every product we sell through a rigorous testing process to ensure durability, visual appeal, and function. If a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t sell it. If our customers don’t like a product, we take it out of our catalog. This Travel Cord Organizer is no exception.

Whether you mostly travel for business or for pleasure, we want to make it easier for you to pack less and travel more.

Travel With Gadgets Made Simpler

The mobile technology revolution has given us supercomputers with high quality digital cameras attached that fit in our pockets and work everywhere in the world.

We can download any book, picture, document, or article to a device the size of a chocolate bar. A phone can store enough photos that would fill many albums and boxes that’d fill a basement many times over.

Despite all of this wireless technology, our devices are still thirsty for power. Keeping track of all your cords and accessories when you’d rather be sightseeing at your destination can be a drag. Many laptop bags and sleeves don’t have enough room or even a good place to keep your important cords and accessories.

Instead of tossing your cords into a pouch in your luggage or in your backpack, use our durable Travel Cord Organizer instead. It’ll change the way you pack your bags by giving you a dedicated place to store all of those cords without tangling them together.

Prevent Scratches, Tangles, And Lost Items

The durable elastic bands inside the Zero Grid Travel Electronics Organizer keep every item secured separately. You can also coil up your earbuds, connectors, USB cables, HDMI cords, and other small cables without using clips. The bands act like cord organizers themselves.

The zippered divider pouch in the Travel Cord Organizer also makes it simpler to separate cords from different devices. You can also store hard accessories like SD cards and spare smartphone batteries separately without scratching screens.

The lightly padded interior also prevents damage to devices inside the Travel Cord Organizer and in the rest of your bag. No more scratches, nicks, or shattered screens from loose accessories.

This is also a great companion bag if you love to work out of coffee shops and libraries. Just unpack it, open your laptop, and you have a mobile office that you can work from anywhere in the world.

The Zero Grid Travel Electronics Organizer enables you to pack lighter and pack smarter.

Highly Transportable, Compact, And Efficient To Pack

The carry strap can be used to tote the Travel Cord Organizer anywhere you need to go.

The YKK Zippers come with knotted pulls that are easy to grab even if you can’t see it inside your purse or bag.

Carry all your small, easy-to-lose accessories in a single adaptable Travel Cord Organizer so you can keep track of it.

Packs compactly into most backpacks, purses, and laptop bags. Designed specifically to organize your cords and electronic accessories.

NO MORE TANGLES, SCRATCHES OR DAMAGE – Fully customizable for electronics and accessory organization. Neatly manage tech, cords, and gadgets in one secure place with this electronics cable organizer.
CARRIES YOUR ENTIRE TECH ARSENAL – Perfect for chargers, converters, camera and iphone accessories. Zippered pouch holds smaller memory cards, usb flash drives & More!
UPGRADED FOR TECH TRAVEL – Portable, compact, & ultra-lightweight tech cord organizer. Cord organizer bag easily fits into any laptop bag, backpack, suitcase, or luggage. TSA approved and compliant.
THE LAST ELECTRONICS ORGANIZER YOU’LL EVER NEED – Functional & extremely durable. Made from a tear and liquid-resistant fabric. WILL NOT fray, rip or break.

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Zero Grid Electronics Travel Organizer – Cord, Cable, and Accessories Case, Black


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